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For Buyer Property in Egypt is attracting overseas tourists along side with the major attractions which Egypt has lured worldwide travelers for years. Investors are taking advantages that the Egyptian Government provides to all private investment buying projects for domestic and foreign. These important advantages protect the interest of investors when they buy property in Egypt.
Buyers from all over the world want to buy in Egypt for permanent resident homes, holiday homes, or for investment purposes.
The reasons to buy property are many and varied:
• The prices to buy property for residential and commercial are low and of good quality.
• Friendly tax policy of the Egyptian Government with regards to the owners or investors make buying property easier
• Affordable fees for property maintenance (water, electricity, gas, cleaning, phone, guard etc).
• Low cost of living (transportation, food, services).
• Attractions Egypt has to offer such as climate, beaches, leisure activates, and relaxed lifestyle.
SVR GROUP will provide the buyer with a professional international team to assist you in buying real estate property and land in Egypt. Our professional team will search for your dream property be it a villa, apartment, office building, retail shopping center, office/warehouse facility or industrial property upon your request. After taking your special request details, Sea View Realty, JSC, will compose a profile of your order of what you wish to buy. According to the requirements of your profile, our international team will start searching for property offered for sale using our extensive property database.  
We will provide you with a photo catalogue listing all property in Egypt that meets your special requirements which you wish to buy. We will also quide you Step by Step through the procedure in purchasing your dream property:

• Conclude and sign a Service Agreement that guarantees the quality of service you are look for when you buy.

• Arrange a tour to visit the selected property for you to be sure that the property meets your demand.

• Assist in signing a Purchase Contract that has the legal power to protect the property owner and finalizing payments.
• Also help to renovate, overhaul or choose Décor Interior/Exterior of your property upon request.In Egypt, as all over the world, there is the same practice to finalize the construction of the property step by step which the owner wishes to buy. SVR GROUP will have their international customer service department follow up for you the construction and finishing stage upon request.
• We will choose Décor Interior/Exterior of the property you buy upon request.
• Also arrange and conduct the finishing or the property as you require.
For clients wishing to buy and invest in a certain market, we can conduct the initial property search and identify the most suitable plots of land for residence or commercial investment.
SVR GROUP, and its recommended lawyer can provide a full range of legal services when buying or renting real estate property in Egypt during your holiday or business activity in Arab Republic of Egypt.  
SVR GROUP will be glad to meet you at the airport upon arrival and help you with accommodation in a hotel or a rented apartment due to your booking request and assist you while you are in Egypt for any purpose, whether in search of a property to buy or simply to enjoy the magic of Egypt on your holiday.



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