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Mobarak - 2

Mobarak - 2 District
Mubarak 2 District, Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt

Mubarak 2 is a cozy, quiet, clean area of Hurghada.  The development of Mubarak 2 began in 2000. 

Mubarak 2 has a mixed clientele.  Egyptians live here, a lot of mixed Slavic - Egyptian families, Russian, Ukrainian, German and other European families. The population of Mubarak 2 tends to be middle class.

The area has a fully developed, autonomous infrastructure, well-paved roads, city water and a sewer.

Mubarak 2 benefits from wide buildings with large distances between apartment blocks.

Mubarak 2 was developed as one of the first areas of social housing in Hurghada.  Such areas of Hurghada and Safaga are named in honour of the President of Egypt - Hosni Mubarak.

When buying a home in this area, it is recommended that a solicitor check all documentation.  Some legal documentation pertaining to selling a property in this area has certain restrictions.  They do not allow the sale of a property to a foreign person, without the consent of neighbours.

Properties in Mubarak 2 are often subject to a legal charge in favour of a bank.  Proof of settlement of this charge in favour of a bank should be provided, as you may find yourself held responsible for outstanding monies.

Mubarak supports several small businesses set up in this area, including cooking services, a mini market, fruit shops, offices, plumbers, electricians, a laundry, a car wash, car hire and a wonderful kindergarten.

Production is absent here and new businesses are being mostly set up in areas adjacent to the area.

There are few  leisure facilities here,  except for a few cozy cafes, where you can spend time over a cup of  coffee and a hookah.

Those who prefer a noisy city life with clubs, discos, etc. will find it easy to find, as there is an abundance of public transport serving the area.

Mubarak 2 area:  1.8 km2
The length of Mubarak 2:1 km
Distance from the sea: 500 - 1000m.
The nearest beaches - Old Vic Beach, Dream Beach.
Hotel beaches"   Marlin Inn and Mashrabiya.

Some apartments Mubarak 2 have a sea view, if the windows face the east side.




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