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Safaga, Red Sea, Egypt
Safaga is the ancient seaport of Egypt and known since the time of the pharaohs.

The area was was mined for gold and precious stones. Any resident of Safaga can show you where the gold mines of the Pharaohs are located.

Modern Safaga is nowadays  a major port on the Red Sea, has a ship repair yard and is also the home of the Egyptian Navy.

In Safaga, you will find mostly Egyptian residents, but in more recent years Germans, Slovaks and Italians  have bought property in Safaga.

Property is bought by expatriates for different reasons, including; a holiday home, business reasons, investment purposes and to enjoy water sports including diving and surfing.  Kiting is popular here too.

There are several hotels here.  The most famous hotel of all being 'Menaville' Resort. 

Safaga is 53km away from Hurghada International Airport. Tthe main tourist routes to Ken, Luxor, Esnu, Itfu, Aswan and Abu Simbel are via Safaga.




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