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Dahab is known by many other names, which include - Dhahab, Khalīj Al Qārah, El Kura, El Kura Bay, Jalib adh Dahab, Jalīb adh Dahab, Dizahab, Marsa Dahab, Marsa Dhahab, Marsá Dhahab, Mersa Dahab and Minna El Dahab.

Dahab is an enchanting small Bedouin town located by the Red Sea.  It is only an hours drive away from bustling Sharm El Sheikh.  It is probably one of the only areas not spoiled yet by mass tourism in Egypt.

Taking a holiday here is ideal for 
 those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life  and do not want to feel as if they are on the tourist conveyor belt.  Vistitors who visit Dahab tend to be those who are used to creatively planning their own holidays and do not need animation, belly dancing or discos to entertain them.  

Dahab has two major attractions:

1) The Old Town - has a great atmosphere and one can relax by the tranquility of the Red Sea.

2) The unique opportunities for diving and windsurfing.

Coast Diving in Dahab 

There are more than 20 dive sites around Dabab, including the famout 'Blue Hole Canyon'.  Both total beginners and experienced divers can find customized diving programs to suit their particular needs.

Dahab has a small private hotel which is clean and comfortable and provides a home away from home experience.  At the Quay, you can find a chain of outdoor cafes, where you can enjoy delicious inexpensive meals at any time of the day.

Alternatively, you can sit in the shade of a cafe and chill out for hours playing backgammon, reading, talking or just thinking about life, as you watch the yachts out to sea.




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