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Apartments and Studios in Egypt

The procedure for buying an apartment in Egypt is simple and fast.

The buyer must have a valid foreign passport to buy an apartment, building, townhouse or villa by the Red Sea.

To finalize the deal, you only need  1 or 2 days, but to find your villa or apartment from all the properties we offer – will take more time.

The main criteria for choosing a property is the cost of 1 square metre. In Hurghada there are apartments which cost  $550 per square metre. Buyers obviously want to get the best price per metre.

Should you decide to buy an apartment directly from Sea View Realty Group (as a developer) you will not incur extra expenses or costs.

Buying an apartment or villa in Hurghada is the first step  to a life filled with leisure on this beautiful resort.

Not only the beautiful turquoise waters of the Red Sea and it's sandy beaches are of great importance to residents, but also the people, the infrastructure and the clean and green streets of Hurghada.

 Foreigners are mostly settled in the following districts of Hurghada, such as El Hadaba (Arabic for “Hill”), El kawser, Arabia, Intercontinental, Mubarak-2, 6,7 and Marriott district.

However, the price of property in these areas of Hurghada is more expensive than areas densely populated by local people: $750-1000 per sq.m.

Since 2005, Sea View Realty Company has engaged in residential property development.

in Hurghada, we have assisted hundreds of local and foreign customers in buying and selling their properties.

We are happy to say that many of our customers have become personal friends, whom we help whenever they have need.


Phone, write or come and visit.  You are welcome at our office – we are more than good friends – we are a big family here at Sea View Realty Group.


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Exchange Rates

1 USD = 16.200 LE
1 EUR = 18.040 LE