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All visitors to Hurghada can see a lot of buildings under construction all over the city. 

Hurghada as a modern city is very young – it's development started just 20 years ago.

During this time, private developers and companies have constructed many residential and commercial buildings. There is a restriction for the numbers of floors that  residential and commercial buildings can have in Hurghada.  This range is from two storey to five or even six-storey, depending on what part of the city, they are being constructed in.

The number of floors is conditional on the following factors:

1.  The buildings distance to the sea.
2.  The character of the soil.
3. The location of the plot of land according to military infrastructure and civil aviation.

Usually, buildings in beach front districts or on the first line  are a maximum of 2 or 3 floors, but in other districts – 4 or even 5 floors.

In Egypt, they count floors like in most European countries – from the Ground floor. However, in some cases from the Basement Floor.

There is also a requirement for the height of each floor, being not more than 3 metres. So, the height of the buildings in Hurghada is restricted to 10, 15 or 20 metres. The height of each building is specified by the Construction License issued for each building.

The construction ratio of the plot of land is also specified by the Construction License, varied according to the type of building and the location in Hurghada.
For example, in a new residential compound 'Fairus – with villas and small scale multistoried buildings', the construction ratio is 30% of the total area of the plot of land.  In districts such as El Hadaba, El Kawser, Magawish - it is up to 60%.

It means that the total area of the plot of land is 300 square metres, and the construction ratio is 30% - in this case the building area will be not more than 100 sq.m.

Egyptian developers expand the First floor above the Ground by  a ratio of 1.5-2, thus enlarging the living area of the building.

The total living area of a three-storey building with a Ground Floor Area of 100 square metres  will be not 300 square metres, but 450 square metres or more.  This will  equal the area of the Ground floor plus extra space for each floor above the Ground floor.

We offer  our customers residential or commercial buildings at the stage of completion.

Some customers prefer to buy residential turn-key buildings for rental to gain income immediately.

Others, buy buildings under construction – basement level, 1 or 2 floors completed or even concrete structure with ceilings.

In Hurghada, developers offer for sale buildings with exterior finishing, which are not completed or finished inside.

As usual, the choice of the buyer depends on the purpose of the purchase, budget and their time frame.

We recommend buying the building under construction if you are looking for a profitable investment. But you should take into consideration, all expenses for completion and finishing. All required documents for the building for sale, such as the Land Purchase Contract and the Construction License must be available.

This deal is preferable from the viewpoint of how much future profit can be made. As soon as all documents, approvals and permissions for all utilities lines are available, completion can take place without delay.

It is common in Egypt and Hurghada, for developers to construct buildings in a few steps. First they finish and put into operation the first 2 or 3 floors. After 3-5 years of exploitation and obtaining necessary permissions from the government authorities, they complete the upper floors of the building.

Sea View Realty Group has 5 years experience in construction, renovation and finishing works of residential and commercial buildings in Egypt.

As of 31 December 2009, our company has completed 3 projects of 3 and 5-storied apartment buildings, made renovation, finishing and exterior work of a five-storied building, and completed villas with additional amenities and swimming pools.

Are you looking to buy a building in Hurghada, El Gouna or Safaga in Egypt?

Send your request to Sea View Realty Group at info@seaviewrealty.org

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