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Villas and Chalets in Egypt

Owning your own house (villa) abroad is certainly prestigious, but to have your own house in Egypt is not only prestigious, but also profitable.

Own a house in the resort of Hurghada, where you can come and enjoy the lovely warm climate
at any time of year.  You have the opportunity to  invite your relatives as well.  Time spent in Hurghada is not only beneficial for your general health and well-being but can strengthen family relationships too!

Possible scenarios:  

1.  Part of a villa with it's own separate entrance and land. Use of a common pool,whereby the costs of servicing it are divided in half with your neighbours.

2. T
he best option is a separate villa with one or two pools, several garages and a landscaped garden. Living in a separate comfortable villa can improve the quality of life for your family. 

The financial benefits of owning your own home in Hurghada are simple:

You can always sell at a higher price than you bought at.

Villas are always in high demand for rental. The cost of renting a villa in Hurghada can be from 1.5 thousand to 10 thousand dollars or more per month.

Our company receives many requests for renting a villa for 1 month or more. Villas near the sea, with their own beach are in high demand.

Your home in Hurghada can not only be a villa or townhouse, it can be an apartment with 2/3 bedrooms or more.  It can be with a sea view or not, near the beach or not. 

Want to buy a villa in Egypt,Hurghada, El Gouna or Safaga?

Send a request to the company at info@seaviewrealty.org

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