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Land in Egypt

Since ancient times, land and the income of landowners, has been a huge topic of debate.

All over the world, any property can loose its value, but not the land. Buildings collapse, yacht sinks, cars crash, but land remains untouched.

So, buying land is considered a valuable and profitable investment.

As Mark Twain’s famous quote: “Buy land, their not making it any more”

The Egyptian Government legally allows Egyptians, foreigners and companies to buy land for construction in Hurghada or any place by the Red Sea.

The development of the coastal line along the Red Sea started just 20-25 years ago.

Today only 25% of 1800 km of Egyptian Red Sea has been developed.

Before the tourist boom, land by the Red Sea was very cheap because water resources were not available.  Today, Hurghada has three main water pipelines .  In addition to this, most of the big hotels have their own source of water or water desalination plants.

Today, the cost of land depends on such factors as it's distance from the sea, infrastructure development, location, destination, utility facilities available  and what it will be used for.

In Hurghada, the cost of land varies from $350 up to $1000 per square meter. The most expensive land is at the beach front and also in some districts of the city, such as - El Hadaba, Touristic Center, Magawish. Most of the land-owners in these places are foreigners.

The land around Hurghada is available for residential construction and is less expensive – from only $150 to $250 per square metre.

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