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Egypt - an ideal destination for investment. The Government Policy of Egypt provides a wide range of investment opportunities for all types of organization – company, banks,  etc, as well as for individuals in Egypt's fast growing economy.

'Investment' is the commitment of money or capital in order to gain profitable returns after a certain term.

These are a few ways to gain profit from investment in Egypt:

  • Buy residential property – apartments, villas, etc. for long term investment. Prices for property in Hurghada are stable in the current recession, but this recession will not last forever, and after 2-3 years the cost of property here will rise again. The necessary prerequisites for that have been created: The demand for Egyptian property is very high.  Hurghada is  becoming a well-known resort with excellent, modern facilities.

  •  In other words, buying property in Hurghada, Egypt, now,  will not only  secure   the   money you invest, but will ensure that you receive a profit when you sell it in  the future.

  •  Buy beach front property. The annual rental income of your apartment or villa is guaranteed. The annual income of a rented apartment, located not more than 1000 m from the sea – is from $2000 to $5000. For example, annual rental profit of an apartment with a purchase price of $40,000 is $4000 – i.e. 10% of the invested amount.

  • Property prices in Hurghada are expected to grow within the next 2-3 years. Of course, it will not be like before (30-40% annually), but they are expected to grow at between 10-20%, so your annual income will be about 20%.

Choose your Investment project in Egypt:

• Buy an apartment or a few apartments to let.
• Buy a villa
• Buy a multi-storey apartment building.
• Buy land and construct your own property.
• Make an investment in a business project.
• Establish your own business.

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