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Property for sale
Region: Egypt
Created: Jun 18, 2010, modified: Jan 13, 2012, overall rating: 3.000
This Agreement governs the relationship between SVR GROUP and the owner of the property, thereby offering a facility for sale.

I confirm this offer, as the owner or his/her legal representative. I hereby guarantee that I have legal ownership and the right to sell the proposed property.

I confirm that the property I will advertise on SVR Group website is not burdened with commitments that might interfere with the proposal to sell.

 Neither are there any commitments that will interfere with the Buyer
's enjoyment of the property.  I confirm that no third parties will make any claim to the property, during the period of sale or demand any change or cancellation of the agreement.

I confirm that I will give full and accurate information when advertising a property on this site. I will ensure that all necessary documents pertaining to the sale of the property are provided. These documents will acknowledge the legal ownership and right to sale of the property.

I will only provide a description of the property and it's location on the map on the website.  I will provide at least 4  horizontal view photographs of the property (800 x 600) and they will illustrate the essence of the property which I propose to sell.

I am aware that the photos taken with a camera phone or of a poor quality will be removed by the administrator  without prior notice.

The information that I will submit will be of the same standard as that displayed on the website.  For this purpose, please visit see the most frequently visited parts of the website,  to confirm with a high standard of presentation. 

I am warned that in case my property will not meet requirements a site, my property will be removed without previous notice.

When you register on this site, please provide adequate contact details for yourself and your employees, to ensure that proper communication is ensured, in the event of an offer on your property.

I accept that SVR Group will levy a charge of 5% commission, for introducing a buyer and finalising a sale on my property.

I confirm that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the above agreement, between SVR Group and myself. 

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