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Egypt: NGOs oppose the construction of new floating hotels on Lake Nasser

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The Ministries of Environment, Irrigation, and Health, as well as several other Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), called on the Ministry of Tourism to revoke permits to establish 19 new floating hotels on Lake Nasser over the coming few months.

The NGOs said that the  construction of the hotels on Lake Nasser, which already has six such hotels, will constitute an 'environmental catastrophe'. It could threaten Egypt's strategic reserves of water. Lake Nasser's water is stagnant; a factor which helps bacteria replicate faster.

A Committee set up by Minister of Tourism - Zouheir Garana, selected three locations behind the High Dam to build marinas of between 1000 and 1200 metres long, to accommodate the planned increase in hotels.

The estimated cost is LE25 million.

Mahmoud el-Kaissouni, an Environment Expert and Environmental Affairs Advisor to the Minister of Tourism, said that the Egyptian Federation of Tourist Chambers had formed a Committee of Environment and Water experts in conjunction with Officials from Nasser Lake Authority.  The purpose is to to examine the environmental impact of tourism on Lake Nasser. The Committee concluded that any additional tourist activity without a commensurate increase in service facilities, will represent an environmental risk.

The Committee reiterated recommendations made by former Irrigation Minister - Abdel Hadi Radi, to not build more than three floating hotels on the lake.

El-Kaissouni said that he believes that no careful study of the possible environmental impact of the new hotels. had been made.  Besides, he added, there is no need for additional hotels. 3000 boats already dump waste directly into the water, along with two ferries that transport passengers between the High Dam and Wadi Halfa.

The drainage of waste from floating hotels is a difficult process, which involves emptying the waste into tanks, that are later transported by land to Aswan.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.


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