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Fish-devil reddening

Fish-devil reddening
Region: Egypt
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Inimicus filamentosus

Fish-devil reddening refers to Scorpio. Has a length of 25 cm, the body is nodular, round and elongated snout, her eyes slightly convex, directed upward, the edges are orange iris. Processes are long and loose, with no connecting membrane, covered with sharp prickly thorns. Spikes - the main weapon of the devil-fish, very poisonous.

The inner surface of the fins orange-brown color, from several independent fins depart-ray spikes.

Biology: lives in mud, sand, gravel, lagoons and sheltered bays to 55 m from shore. Often buried. For walking on the bottom uses the pectoral fins rays. Color outside the brown-red, resembling blushing with shame skin. If the bottom starts blinking bright orange-brown with black spots fins - a fish-devil is preparing for a walk along the bottom.

The range of habitats: the Red Sea, Maldives, Philippines, Mauritius.


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