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Bearded Scorpion

Bearded Scorpion
Region: Egypt
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Bearded Scorpion(Scorpaenopsis oarbatus) - 25 cm

Bearded Scorpion. Snout short, almost equal to eye diameter. Good disguise, fins from dark brown to gray in color with highlights. On the lower jaw bizarre outgrowths, similar to the beard. Merges with the environment, this feature allows you to hunt remaining stationary.
Biology:Bearded scorpion lives among the rocky and coral reefs at depthsranging from 3 to 30 m, as well as in areas with mixed sand and coral. Often found on rocky reefs in Yemen and Oman. Often in pairs. Lying motionless on the bottom in an ambush waiting for prey: fish and crabs.

The range of habitats: from the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf and Somalia.

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