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Region: Egypt
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Fish-Devil. Scorpio Fish - 30 cm -Scorpaenopsis Diabolus

Fish-Devil. Belongs to the family of Scorpio. Dangerous to humans. Almost merges with the bottom surface, small eyes, big face. Lateral feathers resemble forelimbs. Outside have protective coloration, the inner surface of the fin is bright yellow color with three black spots.

Biology: The devil-fish inhabit the reef and the lagoons, and seaward of the reef up to 70 m.
The devil-fish lying motionless on the gravel, sand, among seaweed or coral. Preys on small fish. Often mistaken as a fish-stone can be distinguished by a colorful bottom fin.
The range of habitats Devil Fish: Red Sea, Hawaiian Islands, Ryukyu Islands, Africa and the UK, lower part of the Pacific

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