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Dwarf lionfish. Samara

Dwarf lionfish. Samara
Region: Egypt
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Dwarf lionfish. Samara. Dendrochirus brachypterus - 17 cm
Dwarf lionfish. Korotkoperaya impeller. Scorpio belongs to the family of fishes. Fins korotkoperoy lionfish are a fan rays completely united membranes, the inner surface of which is with concentric circles. Big bulging eyes without superciliary arches.

Biology: dwells among the reefs and shallow lagoons and coastal reefs at depths ranging from 2 to 80 m.
Commonly found among isolated corals and algae, or a marine sponge, which cover the bottom-dwelling species. Often lies at the base of rocks or coral, and hangs her head up and down under the coral ledges.

Lives singly or in small harems (10), which is headed by a male.
The range of habitats: the Red Sea, Samoa, the Ryukyu Islands, Africa and south-east Australia.

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