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Scorpio fish

Scorpio fish
Region: Egypt
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Scorpio fish (
Scorpaenidae), as a rule, thick healthy benthic predators. Characterized by the presence of poisonous dorsal, anal and pelvic fin spines and small thorns on his head.

Mostspecies are well masking with numerous flaps and tassels, andvary greatly cryptic coloration, which can be modified to match thesurroundings. Often do not pay attention to the divers. They rely on their camouflage and zhlut to ambush prey: fish, crustaceans and cephalopods.

Feed them very dangerous! Movement can be incredibly fast and reach speeds of up to 15 milliseconds.

Scorpio fish can shoot their spikes, like an arrow darts at a small distance.
Some of them also have a bright lower their pectoral fins that lift as a warning or to buy time to escape. Many species of fish Scorpio occur only at night when they go hunting.

Little is known about their reproduction. 1 mm egg can be implanted in a floating gelatinous mass that is carried away by currents.
Lionfish(Leonefish and stone-fish (Synanceiidae) have potent poisons that cancause excruciating pain, vomiting, edema, shortness of breath, andfever. Yad fish stone is often fatal.
Treatmentis by immersion in hot water (45 ° C for 40 min.) Or a hot blast dryer,the sting, which helps to denature the protein. The pain usually disappears within a few days, and the side effects of the bite of fish-stone can last for several weeks. Serum against the bite of a fish-rock rarely possible because it should be stored in the refrigerator.

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