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Region: Egypt
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Names: Cornet Fish, Fish cornet, flute fish - very similar to the fish-needle, which in the Red Sea, a huge amount. The same narrow and long body, but the size of its more than a fish-needle. Different and a long nose, which resembles mudshtuk flute, as at the end flattened in the horizontal plane. Actually hence the name. The Fish Flute significantly longer fish needle. Its dimensions reach up to 2 m.

Inhabits the coastal waters at a distance of up to 130 meters, floats a bit cocked up his mouth. Hunts alone or in small groups.

This marine predator, eats small fish and small shrimps. Close to the victim using his body type - from the front it is not noticeable. Then boom pounces on its prey. At the end of the trunk two pairs of lateral fins.

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