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(Flashlight Fish) was opened  by Rafinesk in 1810, now has about 100 species in this family. They have seen a decrease pelvic fins close to their disappearance. Luminescent organs are distributed quite differently. Distinguish luminescent organs.

Such variety is particularly attracted the attention of researchers, despite the slight size of these fish. Expedition to the Pacific Research Institute, organized in 1932 jointly with the State Hydrological Institute of the above-mentioned depression of the Okhotsk Sea near the eastern coast of Sakhalin, extracted from a depth of 3340-3350 m.
In the Red Sea meets the kind of fish-lights: a small black fish with large heads, under each eye with both parties is a glowing body.

The Red Sea most common Indian ocean fish-lantern, reaching sizes up to 11 cm Occurs in caves and in the folds under the corals from the open sea at depths of 1 to 25 m.

Lantern fish live, usually in remote caves of which may appear only at night and only in the moonless period. They quickly discover divers finely dispersed air bubbles and momentarily freeze, or hide.

Emit a soft green light, which is developing by symbiotic bacteria in the fish eye lower lid that opens and zakryvetsya type valve (shutter). This light is used in fish-lantern for communication between representatives of their species, and to attract zooplankton as prey.

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