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Milk Fish

Milk Fish
Region: Egypt
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Milk Fish (Latin Chanos chanos) - Fish type Gonorynchiformes, the only modern form of family Chanidae. As part of this family were seven now extinct species. Milk fish is a common fishing fish in Asia.

Milk fish has a streamlined shape with a forked caudal fin. Their values tend to reach a meter, the maximum length - 1,7 m. They have no teeth. They eat up the algae and invertebrates. When these fish are swimming just beneath the surface of water and see their dorsal fins, tourists are often confused them with the sharks.

Milk fish spawn near the shore during new moon. Oblong fry for two to three weeks living in the sea, then migrate to the mangroves, estuaries and lakes. Mating takes place at sea.

Milk fish inhabit the doorposts near the Red Sea, the Indian and Pacific oceans. Often they can be found in brackish water and estuaries.

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