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Sea Eels

Sea Eels
Region: Egypt
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Snake-like eels
. snake-like body shape with small fins. Most of them meyut muzzle to grin and prominent nostrils. Usually burrow into the sand.

Marble acne or Giant mottled eel (Anguilla marmorata). Marbled eel-snake. White with black spots; nostrils hovering over the mouth. Dwells in the sand on the seabed near coral reefs at depths ranging from 3 to 25 m.

Unlike other acne, marble eel has a unique color and spotted dorsal fin. It can reach up to 2 meters in length and weigh over 25 kilograms.

Usually buried in the sand, is visible only to head with convex cones. Preys on small fish and crustaceans. The range of habitats: from the Red Sea to Polynesia, Mozambique.

Eel sea stargazer

Eel Sea astrologer. The body of an eel is covered with small dark dots, eyes pushed far forward, his mouth wide, lips fringed. Lives at depths from 0.5 to 38 m, burrow into the sand near the coastal reefs. Eats malenikimi fish and crustaceans. If the trouble, it will attempt to bite. The range of habitats: from the Red Sea to the Pacific Ocean, Persian Gulf, Northern Japan, Mozambique, Egypt.

Conger brilliant

Usually buried in the sand, sometimes hunts in the open air on fish and crustaceans, mainly at night.
Not quite white with widely spaced black stripes, between which the individual spots.
Often mistaken for poisonous sea snakes of tape that are not found in the Red Sea.
Many species of marine eels in the Red Sea, especially in the Gulf of Aqaba. To all appearances, has poor eyesight, so how often ignores divers.
The range of habitats: from the Red Sea to French Polynesia, North Africa, Britain

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