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Giant guitarfish

Giant guitarfish
Region: Egypt
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In the Red Sea usually found near coral reefs.
Depth habitats from 2 to 50 meters
Record copies of the sea trolling: length 3,1 m, weight 227 kg

Giant guitarfish. A guitar that a cross between a fish, stingrays and sharks. The family of guitar, stingrays (Rhinobatidae).

This family consists of 7 genera (now more like) and about 40 species. Related to this family of stingrays in the form of the body have certain similarities with a string musical instrument. In England and the United States they are called fish-guitar, in Australia - Shark-banjo, France - Marine violin. Guitar ramps spend their lives slowly floating to the bottom or lying on sandy or muddy bottoms, in which they may be partially buried.

Their food consists of small fish, crustaceans, molluscs and other benthic animals they bite their small rounded teeth. Along the shores of India's guitar stingrays caught in packs and bring some harm to oyster banks. They have little value in the local fisheries in some countries such as India, China, Peru and in several other areas.

In the Atlantic coast of America is quite common spotted stingray guitar (Rhinobatos lengitinosus), reaches a length of about 75 cm, like other guitar ramps. His female bears six pups per litter. Spotted stingray is found at depths ranging from 0.3 to 18 m.

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