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Black-tailed Snapper

Black-tailed Snapper
Region: Egypt
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Usually found near the reefs.
Depth habitats from 1 to 75 meters

Record copy: length 0,4 m

Black-tailed Snapper. Belongs to the snappers family. The most widespread genus of Snapper or Pargo, or sneppery (Lutianus), representing 69 species, of which 45 inhabit the waters of the Indian and southwest Pacific.

Attribute type - the presence of scales on the bases of dorsal and anal fins. Very well-developed teeth on vomer and palatine bones. Mouth large, pull-out. Snout usually somewhat stretched, lengthened. In the color black-tailed snappers are common yellowish tones with longitudinal yellow dots, are transferred from light to dark in the abdomen to the spine. Feathers fins yellow with black ends.

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