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John dory. Fish-dory

John dory. Fish-dory
Region: Egypt
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Pelagic fish.
Depth habitats from 5 to 400 meters
Record copy: length 0,9 m, weight 8 kg

Dory, fish-dory (Zeiformes). The body usually laterally compressed, high, in the anal fin is 4.1 spikes in the pelvic fins 9.6 spines. Roth, advancing during food capture, forms a wide receiver. 03/06 families comprising about 50 species. Live on the coast and the slope of the continental shelf of tropical and warm seas, mainly deep-water (some species live deeper than 1000 m).

A typical representative - an ordinary Zeus faber; length is usually 20-30 cm, sometimes up to 50 cm weighs up to 8 kg on the side of a black spot. Widespread in the eastern Atlantic, the Mediterranean and Red Sea; kept mostly in the bottom layers of water at a depth of 100-500 m. The predator, eats mainly herring, sardines, chickweed.


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