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Honeycomb stingray

Marine cat
Region: Egypt
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Usually found near the reefs.
The depth habitat of 20 to 50 meters

Record copy: 2 m, weight 120 kg

Marine cat  (Dasyatis pastinaca) is widespread on the coast of West and North Africa and Europe (up to the North Sea).

This is quite heat-loving fish, which appears on our shores only in the summer and once again leave them in the fall. Marine cat belongs to the rather large skates and can reach 2,5 m in length. Common sizes it is much smaller - no more than 1 m in length, the average weight is 6-10 kg, but sometimes there are individuals up to 20 kg.

The birth of juveniles in our waters takes place in June or July, when the female produces light from 4 to 12 pups. Marine cat kept at the bottom, often buried in the ground. Its food consists of small fish, crustaceans and other bottom-dwelling animals. Marine cat has a commercial value and are sometimes caught in large numbers.

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