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Cuttlefish (Latin Sepiida) - Detachment of animals from the class Cephalopoda. From all other modern cephalopods, squid are distinguished by the presence of peculiar calcareous internal shell in the form of a broad plate, which occupies almost the entire back side of the body. The oval body is bordered on both sides of the fin as a narrow bony rim, stretching along the entire body. Only on the back end of the body left and right fins are separated. Grasping arms are long, drawn entirely in the special sac fossa, and the remaining arms are short. Funnel with a valve. The fourth left hand in males gektokotilizirovana at the base is different in structure and it used for the purposes of insemination.

The genus Sepia owns about 30 modern species living primarily in warm seas near the coast. Several fossil species known from the Jurassic and the Tertiary sediments. Cuttlefish can swim, but usually stick to the bottom, podkaraulivaya their prey, consisting of fish and shellfish.

Common cuttlefish, (Sepia officinalis L.) inhabits the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, is found in the Red Sea, is a length of 20-30 cm, with the same length is grasping hands.

Hands are 4 rows of suckers. Color variable - on the back usually brownish with light spots and stripes on his belly a bit lighter in the hands of green, purple on the fins. Used for food.

Shell (the so-called os sepiae) cuttlefish bone, or canary in the old foam was used in medicine, now serves only to polish and hung in a cage for cleaning pet bird beak. From the liquid ink sac is prepared brown (sepia).

Foto: Cuttlefish
, 4,3 kg, night fishing, 5 miles from Hurghada, 2010.

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