Region: Egypt
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Usually found near the reefs.
The depth habitat of 50 meters
Record copy: length 1,5 m, weight 18 kg

Tarpon - the name of two species of fish, sole representatives of the family and genus Megalopidae Megalops. These are large coastal fish, which is mined in catching the bait. Superficially resemble large tarpon herring, but are not with them, even in distantly related.

Tarpon can reach a length of 2 meters and weight - 160 kg. When swimming in the water, oxygen-poor, tarpon can get air, vynyrivaya to the surface. Their fry-fry leptotsefaly resemble eels, they just float on the surface before it will be the adult form.

The genus name Megalops comes from the Greek words megalo (big) and opsi (snout).

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