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Double-lined mackerel - Dual mackerel, king
Usually found near the reefs.
The depth habitat of 15 meters
Record copy: 1 m long and weighs 3.5

Chub mackerel
Pelagic fish.
Depth habitats from 0 to 300 meters
Record copy: length 0.64 m, weight 2,9 kg

Atlantic mackerel
Pelagic fish.
Depth habitats from 0 to 200 meters
Record copy: length 0,6 m, weight 3,4 kg


Mackerel (Latin: Scomber scombrus) - the maximum body length 60 cm, average - 30 cm. Spindle form body. Scales are small. The back of the blue-green, with lots of black, slightly curved bands. No swimbladder.

Mackerel is endemic in the North Atlantic Ocean: the east coast of Iceland to the Canary Islands, as well as in the Baltic Sea (to the Gulf of Finland), North, Mediterranean, Red, Marmara, Black Sea, the west coast - from Labrador to Cape Hatteras (North Carolina ). Visits mackerel during summer migrations occurred in the Barents and White Seas. The largest amounts found in the North Sea from the English Channel to Skagerrak and the south-west coast of Ireland.

In the Red Sea - king mackerel, dual-mackerel, Atlantic mackerel, golovlevskaya mackerel, horse mackerel makrelevidnaya

Skumbrian - a valuable food fish. The meat they have fat (up to 16.5% fat), rich in vitamin B12, no small bones, delicate and tasty. Boiled and fried meat becomes more drily consistency.

Major mackerel for food use is not recommended, as is the meat of large aspectual accumulates mercury in water.


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