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(Latin Acanthocybium solandri, Eng. Wahoo) –lives in tropical seas at depths of up to 12 meters. In different places this fish styled in different ways: in addition to "wahoo" there are such titles as "sung", "Oahu", "Pacific royal fish", a kind of king mackerel.

Pelagic fish
Depth habitats from 0 to 12 meters
Record copies of sea fishing in Hurghada, Egypt: length 2,5 m, weight 83 kg

Wahoo has a thin elongated body and a bright "tiger" color - pale silvery scales and blue stripes on the sides, which disappear immediately after the death of fish. This is one of the most beautiful and fastest marine fish due to the structure of the body it is able to make shots at speeds up to 80 km / h. Weight of the largest caught so far wahoo of 83 kg, length - 2,5 meters, but the average fish weight of 10-20 kg.

Wahoo fish has a rather unusual structure - unlike the rest of skumbrievyh her completely lacking gill rakers and gill filaments coalesce, forming a peculiar structure. The teeth of this fish is very strong, with the upper jaw is not fixed, as in most fish. All these structural features provide wahoo considerable advantage in the hunt.

Wahoo - fish alone, they do not form swarms and are usually self-contained way of life. Food they serve calamari, small tuna, stavridovye and other fish that live near water surface. In contrast to the marlin, which catches up with its future food behind, wahoo hunt from deep and attack the victim, developing great speed and it is often promahivayas.

Very interesting to observe the hunting wahoo out of the water. It looks like this: a flock of small fish swimming peacefully in the upper layers of water and feeds on plankton, beside her or slightly lower as calmly swims wahoo. Suddenly, the predator leaves at the side or just freezes in place, waiting until the change itself sail far enough, and produces a shot! If the attack succeeds, wahoo with the victim in his teeth removed for further eating, but if there was a mistake - repeating the attack.

Fishing Wahoo

Most often, wahoo can be found in a small distance from the coast, near reefs and over the continental shelf, but sometimes the fish are caught in the open ocean. For fishing rods are usually used and trolls.

Catch wahoo can be almost anything - mullet, Sierra mackerel, strips of fish meat, squid, artificial lures, this omnivorous fish attract all kinds of bait. Even if you catch other fish in place of the likely habitat of wahoo, a very high chance that the fish be offended by them, intended for live bait, whatever it was and no matter what method of fishing you're using.

However, the most effective bait for wahoo is a wobbler or jerkbait, which deepens to a depth of 1,5-3 m, as well as silicone octopus and twisters, though they are trolling on the surface is less effective. Wobbler or jerkbait must be equipped with a marine tees Series XS, ordinary tee for a fishing trip turns into a soft wire and fail. Professional trappers wahoo recommend using plastic wobblers jerkbaits, because they are the most practical in terms of storage and use (wood fly after the first bite, and corroded with salt, if they do not rinse with fresh water).

An important element in the snap is a metal leash without him at the Wahoo can never go. Powerful teeth of this fish can easily bite durable nylon. The best leash is the so-called "soft iron": steel wire, woven together and wrapped in a soft polypropylene shell. Use of such leashes easily and conveniently, can be cut with scissors or tying knots as a scaffold.

Very good catch wahoo on a motor yacht: thrown spoon and squeeze the maximum speed. Major flickering (up to 80 grams) - perfect artificial bait, it is ideal for trolling, sea fishing, a casting and plumb. Spinner you can easily throw a multiplier reel, it is versatile, durable, does not break and thus cheaper major wobbler. Casting and wiring along the reef with all the wahoo tuna, mackerel and sailboats will be yours.

Most often, wahoo caught on a hook in September and March.

Culinary specialties wahoo

Wahoo fish has very high taste qualities. In appearance, it can be confused with a barracuda or king mackerel, but the cost to send a piece of fish in his mouth - and immediately feel the difference. White meat wahoo roasted, stewed and baked, it turns out very tasty ear. Caviar wahoo like first, and very well go under the tequila, but she, like meat, white.


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