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Celestial Emperor - Blazing Emperor - Yelowlip Emperor.
Region: Egypt
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Spangled emperor
- Blazing Emperor - Shauro - Shuri
Usually found near the reefs.
The depth habitat of 10 to 75 meters
Record copy: length 0.87 m, weight 8.4 kg

Yellowlip emperor - Emperor Zheltoguby
Usually found near the reefs.
Depth habitat 150 meters
Record copy: length 0,7 m, weight 5.45 kg

Sky emperor - Emperor of Heaven
Usually found near the reefs.
Depth habitats from 2 to 100 meters
Record copy: length 0,65 m


Emperors called 39 species of fishes of the family Lethrinidae. They are also sometimes called snaperami (the English verb to snap many meanings, but most likely the name "snaper" can be translated into Russian as "nipper" or "sobiralschik.

According to the way food is better suited to emperors "Snapper" because they have big strong jaw, but snaperami except letrinid known, and many others quite distant from each other fish. (Boxes with ice cream with red snaperom lay side by side at the counter). Snapery-emperors are predatory near-bottom fishes. They feed at night, sea urchins, clams, crabs, small fish.

Emperor - the only reef fish that eat the starfish Crown of Thorns ", which became the scourge of coral reefs. Emperors can live in flocks or singly near reefs to a depth of 200 m. Each of these fish come into sexual activity by the Empress, that is female, but with age, sex change and becomes a male.

Some types of emperors lived for more than 25 years.

In the Red Sea are found fish species of the Emperor:

- Celestial Emperor
- Blazing Emperor
- Yelowlip Emperor


Foto: Sky Emperor, fishing on the Red Sea, 2009, Hurghada

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