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Usually found near the reefs. The depth habitat of 30 meters. Record copies of the Red Sea, Hurghada, on trolling: length 3.48 m, weight 101 kg

Fish Sailboat (Istiophorus Lacepède, 1801) - the genus of the family unit Parusnikov Okuneobraznyh, including two species of fish. Inhabits the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean (Istiophorus platypterus) and in central and western Pacific Ocean (Istiophorus albicans).

A distinctive feature of the fishboat is high and long first dorsal fin, like a sail. Sail starts at the nape of the neck is almost along the entire back of the fish. Close to it is short and low second dorsal fin, symmetrical and similar in size and shape to the second anal. First anal fin is higher than the second, with a deep notch in the rear. The pectoral fins are located close to the lower body, and underneath them, abdominal - very long, almost reaching anus. The back is black with a blue tint, the sides - brown with blue, belly - a silver-white. On the sides there are many small pale blue spots, forming more than 10 vertical rows. Sail (the first dorsal fin), a bright blue with small dark spots, and other fins - black-brown, sometimes with blue stripes. Along the bottom of the second dorsal and second anal fins is silvery-white stripe.

The juveniles to reach the year 1,5 - 2 meters in length. Adult grows in length more than 3 meters at a mass of about 100 kg.

Sailboat is an active predator and can reach speeds of up to 100 km / h. In a series of tests carried out in a fishing camp, Long Key, ea. Florida, USA, sailfish swam 91 m 3 s, equivalent to a speed of 109 km / h.

With the rapid voyage sail is folded and retracted into a special groove on the back. Just hide anal and pelvic fins are long. With sharp turns at high speed fins rise sharply. Sometimes, sailing slowly drifting at the water surface with a fully straightened, acting above the water sailing. Unlike the vast majority of bony fishes sailboats and relatives of the families koperylyh (Istiophoridae) and mecherylyh effectively use the turbulence, ie Water flows around the body is not in layers, as in laminar flow and forming a quick twist, which helps them to reduce water resistance. Far from outstanding, pointed outgrowths of the upper and lower jaw can achieve the effect of turbulence at lower speeds. In this case, undulate (wavy), body movements, which are the main driver to focus on the caudal peduncle. Amplitude sweeps of the tail is not very high, but has a rather large frequency.

Immediately after the fast-moving fish is a layer of fast twists - the turbulence, the performance of the blades of the tail fin in this area is greatly reduced, so the tail fin is shaped like two narrow, almost perpendicular to the main axis of the body planes. These structural features provide a maximum speed of movement in the aquatic environment. Besides sailing, and relatives of the families koprylyh (Istiophoridae) and mecherylyh have no swim bladder: at such a speed of movement and displacement in the vertical direction of all the gas exchange system can not ensure the maintenance of pressure in it at an optimum level, so it could be the only obstacle - These fish have a negative buoyancy to compensate for this by the asymmetry of the body relative to the horizontal plane (lift like an airplane wing) and the muscular effort or by inclined planes of thoracic and pelvic fins in slow motion. All these features of the anatomy and morphology, allow these fish to be the fastest aquatic animals.

Feed on medium-sized sailboats fish from the upper layers, such as sardines, anchovies, mackerel, mackerel, and crustaceans and cephalopods.

Spawning lasts from August to September in warm tropical waters and okoloekvatornyh. Caviar medium-sized, non-sticky, pelagic. Producers do not care about posterity. Sailboats and related species sameystv koperylh (Istiophoridae) and mecherylyh leading similar lifestyles, are very fertile: for one spawning female lays up to 100 million eggs. With most of the progeny die at early stages of development, as well as eggs, larvae and fry foods are numerous predators.

Sailing fish are subject to heavy fishing. The main method of fishing - longline fishing in which they are produced together with tuna and swordfish.

Photo: A fish-boat, caught in the sea trolling fishing, the Red Sea, Hurghada sowing. 1.5 miles from Grand Island Giftun


It is known that the Cubans have long been successfully trades with a wooden spoon sailboats, which in Spanish is called a cookie-Ador. It simulates the flight of flying fish.

To do this, apply the technique towing. In recent years, began to produce high-quality multi-colored baits that mimic not only fishes, but also various mollusks (squids, octopuses and small, etc.) such a lifeless bait is usually used in cases where the fish are not visible in her quest has to overcome the distance at a speed of 6.7 knots. If the fish is found and you see her fin at the surface, it is best to use live bait. And it does not necessarily have to be flying fish.

Sailboats eagerly grabbed and mackerel, and horse mackerel or some other, familiar for her fish, which is pushed onto the hook in the area between the eyes and the beginning of the muzzle. Usually, "SWORDFISH" fish in search of food rising to the surface of water. Therefore, the main thing in this fishing detect potential prey, and then only remains to throw the bait in its field of view - and the bite is guaranteed. However, the catch on the live fishes, put in the usual way, not very convenient, since at high speed wiring, it often slips off, so use special gear of various modifications.

Attrolling sailfish caught either on top, blowing live nozzle so that shejumped over the waves (in this case it is better to use a small, 20-30cm long, flying fish), or blowing the bait (this may be the fish from0,5 to 3 kg, tuna, sardines, mackerel) inthe upper layers of water for the wiring in the water nozzle is also agood two to three pound squid.

Very often, as the nozzle used in fishing trolling lure called "flying fish". In fact, it is cut into two halves mackerel (or other fish), freed from the vertebral bones and fins. She strips obkladyvayut hook attached to a durable leash, and fix the wire. Thoseharvested snastochek usually make a few, and in the process of fishingthey can easily be replaced with new ones by joining karabinchikuinstalled on the end of the main fishing line. Before karabinchikom necessarily put swivel.

Theregulation time in any fishing on a large oceanic fish catch has asearch facility, and here the use of modern radio equipment much easiertask. In finding marlin fish sailboat orswordfish as a sonar for fishing is better not to use trolling as well.Marine spinning In this case, fishing is becoming more interesting anddobychlivee. Greater role played by theability to throw the attachment (or artificial bait) so that she felldown and was just catching the front of the subject. In this case, is sometimes used for fishing with the gunner

Gear cutter
Modern professional anglers use the 10-17-foot speedboats. The ship is equipped with a special fishing seats, well-fitted to mounting slots or holders. Forunexpected maneuvers the boat be equipped with powerful motors, candramatically gain speed, and a special braking device capable ofinstantly if necessary to repay it. On the sides or the center stack boats set to 5-7 rods, throw in different directions along the vessel. Varying range of holidays woods and raznoglubinnoy wiring is achieved extensive coverage of fishing sites. Fishing line is taut by the so-called "autrig-Geres. For rods on board, there are belay straps.

Technique survival
When biting is necessary to keep the coil free, lightly holding her thumb (accession buzzer is not required) to give the fish an opportunity to swim a few seconds with the bait in his mouth. As soon as the predator will increase the speed, you should immediately podsekat.

"Mechenosnye" fish desperately fighting for their lives. And how impressive dancing fish sailboat! Many tourists tend to go on a fishing trip only to see the fish, dancing on the crest of a wave, and waving a huge fin like a flag.

When the board is an experienced and well-coordinated team anglers, they will not be difficult after a few minutes to take stokilogrammovuyu fish. But if the boat go on deep, fishing can be significantly delayed,

Outfit for 30 pounds suitable for catching specimens whose weight does not exceed 100-150 kg. Experienced anglers prefer to gear up to 20 pounds.

Giants among the sailboats are rare. Often professional fishermen ply the waters for weeks to no avail seas in their search. They use a much stronger fishing line, heavy-duty rods and reels.

When the average size exhausted fish finally been placed on a board, an experienced angler takes her mouth and gently pulls the hook. If possible, the fish makes a note of where and when she was caught. In almost all seas of the world fish are equipped with "the sword", released to freedom on the spot. Therefore apply the hooks without barbs, which have a special form poddeva. Experience shows that, if handled with due care in fish and immediately release it into the sea, it is not much affected. In addition, there is an opportunity to fight with the fish again. Sometimes, if you noticed that the fish is injured, its up to the board for inspection.

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