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Sea bream

Region: Egypt
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Dorado -  distributed mainly in tropical and subtropical parts of all oceans and adjoining seas, including the Red Sea

Dorado: oval, flattened laterally torso with a steep profile of the head, above the eyes there is a distinct cusp. Large jagged scales, the head is also covered with scales. Gill cover without spines, edge pre-cap smooth. Little lower mouth. Jaw only slightly pushed forward, the upper jaw slightly longer on both jaws in the front 4.6 strong teeth for catching, followed by sharp, crooked teeth, followed by two sets of posterior teeth. Vomer and palatines without teeth. Long, undivided dorsal fin with 12 rays, spines and 9-11 soft rays. Anal fin with 3 rays, spines and 8-9 soft rays. Pectoral fin with a piercing ray, and 5 soft rays. Paint, silver-gray. Hydrofluoric with a pink tinge Caudal fin with dark borders in the middle and white tips. At the base of last ray of dorsal fin small, reddish-brown stain, which vanishes after death. The body length is 75cm.

Spawning dorado - the summer months. Eggs and larvae are found in the swab. With a length of 5-9 mm larvae have a characteristic bone edge over his eyes and barbed gill cover, and only at length about 1.5 cm, they take the adult form and move closer to the coast.

Nutrition: A variety of bottom dwellers. In this case, big teeth used to catch and hold prey.

Photo: Dorado, 12 kg, caught trolling in the Red Sea near Hurghada

According to the Egyptian Federation of Fisheries - Egyptian Angling Federation (EAF), the largest fish, dolphin (also known as dorado or a big dorado) was fixed at 13.7 kg in May 2000. This trophy specimen was taken by trolling an artificial lure.

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