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Flying fish. Fish-bird

Flying fish
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Flying fish (lat. Exocoetidae) - a family of marine fishes, consisting of 64 species, grouped in nine genera. A distinctive feature of fish is their unusually large pectoral fins that allow fish to jump out of the water and carry out short soaring flight.

Body flying fish elongate, with broad pectoral fins. Body length is from 15 to 40-50 cm (Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus). Blue-gray stained, without any significant lateral dark stripes. The back is darker. Pectoral fins in different species can be transparent, blue, green, brown with speckled with spots or stripes.

Snout fish birds stupid exception - Fodiator acutus. Tooth on jaws only. Second ray of pectoral fins about mid doubled. The dorsal fin is much locating back, usually with 12-14 rays. Anal fin consists of 8-10 rays. The lower lobe of caudal fin is elongated, long pelvic fins with 6 rays. Swim bladder is without air duct to the anterior intestine.

Flying fish found mainly in the tropics and subtropics. Area of distribution is limited to waters with a temperature of 20 ° C.

Indo-Western Pacific region are home to over 40 species. In the east side of Pacific Ocean about 20 species of flying fish. In Atlantic -16 species. In the Red Sea, are up to 7 species of flying fish, in the Mediterranean - 4.

Flying fish are kept in small flocks, often under the water surface. There are species that occur exclusively in the coastal zone, while others can live in the open ocean, returning to shore to spawn, and the third ever live in the open ocean. Feed on plankton, small crustaceans, mollusks aliped and fish larvae. At night, the flying fish are attracted to light.

Flying fish have a tasty meat, and in many countries are subject to commercial fishing. On the islands of Polynesia are caught usually at night, attracting boats light. In India, fishing is conducted during the spawning season. The greatest commercial value flying fish are in Japan, where they were fishing for 50% of the total catch.

Flying fish roe, known under the Japanese name "Tobiko» (tobiko) and is widely used in sushi and other Japanese cuisine.



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