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garfish in the red sea
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Sargan (Latin Belone belone) or "ling".

Ordinary garfish - sea, schooling, pelagic fish, wich is dwells in the interior and surface water. Gar has a very elongated and narrow body, looks like eel or fish-needle. Scales very small, pearl-gloss. Jaws very elongated form a characteristic "beak-like beak, a pterodactyl. Small sharp teeth on the beak allow sarganu during rapid swimming grabbing small prey - pilchards, anchovy, sprat, crustaceans. A large number of garfish are found in Black, Red, Mediterranean and other seas. Distinguish many subspecies.

In the spring along the coast they lay round eggs, which by means of thin sticky strands are attached to algae and other aquatic vegetation. Sargan larvae are born without the beak, it appears only in adults. In winter, garfish moved into the open sea. The color of bones in this fish has a shade from light to dark green, is believed to be due to the increased content of fosofor.


Fishing on the Sargan very catchy. In the Red Sea near Hurghada you can catch them in the strait between the small islands and Shedvan Giftun Large. Fishing line was a strong need at least 2 mm and the bait - a strip of squid. Twine throws without sinkers, bait floating on the surface. Immediately after zakidyvaniya fishing line from the water rises and a flock of silvery fish grabbed the bait with a hook. One difficulty - without the sonar to get to the shoal sarganov. When pulling out of production must soon wrestle with, otherwise you can hurt yourself on the sharp teeth Sargan. Meat Sargan not delicious, diet, absolutely no fat.


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