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(Latin Teuthida) - Detachment of decapod cephalopods. Usually the same size 0,25-0,5 m, but the giant squid Architeuthis genus can reach 20 meters (assuming the tentacles) and are the largest invertebrates.

Squids live in virtually all climatic zones, including the Arctic. Squids living in the northern seas are small compared with the southern kinsmen size and mostly have no color. Squids have five pairs of tentacles. Fourth pair of lengthened in the process of evolution. The location of the suction cups on the tentacles varies.

Squid have a streamlined torpedo body, which allows them to move with great speed "tail forward, the main way of motion - responsive. Along the body of the squid cartilage is the "arrow" that supports the body. It's called the gladius and a vestige of the inner shell.

Coloration varied, some deep-sea species of squid have a transparent body.

Some species of squid are edible, they are used in cooking and are the target species. In the bird food is squid and tentacles. Skin is cleaned at the same time.

The main methods of cooking squid: decoction, canning, frying, stewing. Primarily used in salads, along with other seafood.

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