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Snail-cones - predators, and I must say that they are quite successful hunters. Happy snails hiding in coral, and at nightfall creep out from his hiding place. They have a very developed sense of smell. From a distance they feel the slightest chemical impurities in the water and slowly go on the trail of his victim. This may be a worm, another a snail or fish. Despite the fact that the latter is fast swims in the water, it does not confuse slow snail-cone: its weapons will not fail.

Thefollowing are considered the most toxic sub-cone-shaped snail: shellgeographer, brocade, tulip shells, marble shell and pearl shell.

So, what is terrible, this clam. Their snout is modified crop, which operates on the principle of a dart or spear. This "dart" wetted potent poison. Thatis why even a large, fast swimming fish will not be able to sail away,after Spike hit the target at a distance of more than a meter. This poison is like a poison, blue-ringed octopus.

For a man venom of a cone can give a lot of trouble. Snails cause a sharp thorn prick, which ends curved tooth, like a harpoon. Sting is very painful, just numbness comes lesion, nausea and severe dizziness. If you do not provide timely assistance, after half an hour can be paralysis of the respiratory and cardiovascular system.

According to statistics, every third victim of the mollusk dies. This is not due to the fact that modern medicine is powerless against the venom of the cones. Since the injection occurs under water, very little time to get to shore, and then - get to the nearest hospital. Even more dangerous are those cases where the victim is an under water. Sincecoming quickly numb the injection site, and the pain is such that youcan even lose consciousness, independently on the surface of a personcan simply not swim.

True, it should be noted that, basically, all cases are caused by man himself. Attractedby the beauty of shells, we're trying to get into the hands of thecochlea and thereby forcing the cone to defend himself.

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