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Samara red

Samara red
Region: Egypt
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Samara red (Pterois volitans) - fish family Scorpio. The body length of 30 cm, weighs up to 1 kg. Red body color with numerous pale stripes; pectoral fins are large (hence the name), although the fly ash-key can not.

Widespread in tropical parts of the impeller Indian and Pacific Oceans, is found mainly among coral reefs, including the Red Sea.

Bright and clearly visible even at great depths paint krylatok likely advance warning of its possible enemies of the danger. In the grooves spiny rays of first dorsal fin lionfish have put poisonous glands. Injections lionfish are dangerous and can lead to death.

Any animal, one wound on these needles, probably immediately recognize their owner and will try with him no longer face. Man with prick feels a sharp pain and sometimes even lose consciousness. The poison remains in force for a long time after the death of fish.

Happy lionfish usually inactive, hiding in crevices or are belly up to the ceiling of underwater caves. In the dusk they leave their shelter and go out to hunt, eat lionfish crabs, shrimp, clams and small fish. Hours impeller can stand motionless in his hideout, waiting for prey. But as soon as reckless fry swim too close, as here, it should be shot and the victim pulled into the open mouth.

Samara has other names - "Turkish Fish," "fish-lion" (lion face on view, with outstretched fins resembles grivastogo lion).

Samara fish found in the Red Sea off the coast of Hurghada, Safaga, El Gouna, Sharm El Sheikh

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