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Fish surgeon

Fish surgeon of red sea
Region: Egypt
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Fish surgeon belongs to the family of fishes Acanthuridae. This species of fish normally lives on the platforms of coral reefs of the Red Sea. Their tail fins are fitted with sharp scales, plates, is so acute that they are compared with a surgical scalpel blade. For these reasons, there was a name like "Fish-surgeon." Typically, each side is located on one or two such spines. When the fish is in a quiescent state, these pins are pressed to the body and immersed in a special groove in the skin, and when the surgeon feels the danger, he sends his cleats in hand, turning them into a dangerous weapon. Classified as dangerous for a man to fish.

A family fish hirurgovyh includes 9 genera and 72 species. Surgeons are diurnal, occur singly, in flocks, and even large clusters. Most members of the family they eat attached algae, some feed on plankton and detritus.

The body length of 10 cm to 1 meter. Stained surgeons are very bright, varied. The body may be bright blue, lemon-yellow or pinkish-red. The holders of the same brown color usually have quite an interesting contrast image. Larvae surgeons entirely different from their parents, they not only differently colored, but lack the characteristic feature - the tail spikes

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