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Sea turtles

Sea turtles
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, a detachment of turtles. Includes a family of proper FMP (Cheloniidae). Large animals, conducting all his life in the water and go ashore only to lay eggs. Carapace low, streamlined shape. Head on short neck, does not fully retract under the shell. Limbs converted into flippers; vesloobraznye front, long back. Ventral shield is separated from the spinal cor

Prevalent in tropical and subtropical seas, and occasionally come into temperate latitudes. 4 genera, each with a form with 2 sub-species - the Atlantic and Pacific. Green turtle (Chelonia mydas) - the largest: the length of the shell up to 1,4 m and weighs up to 400 kg. Strongly cut off, since non-target species (uses tasty meat and eggs). Loggerhead (Caretta caretta) - the length of the carapace to 1 m, massive head. Ridleya (Lepidochelys olivacea) - rounded carapace length and 80 cm

Biss - carapace length of up to 85 cm mp quickly and deftly swim, dive toconsiderable depths, are moved hundreds of miles in search of food andsuitable breeding sites (see migration of animals). Set aside from a few dozen to 200 or more spherical eggs, covered with leathery shell. Sometimes a team FMP include a family of leatherback turtles with a view - leatherback turtle.







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