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Sea anemones

ACTINIARIA  red sea anemon
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Sea anemones.
This group includes many species, but they are single and have no skeleton. Anemones are carnivorous and by causing a burn cells located on the tentacles, paralyze small fish and crustaceans, which fall to them in the mouth, which is in the midst of the tentacles. The most common type of sea anemones of the Red Sea - Gyrostoma helianthus, living on the surface to 40 meters depth and grow to enormous size. Almost always in the crown of his tentacles, lives a couple of fish-clowns (Amphiprion bicinctus), which due to mucus released by their bodies, resistant to poison him. The lower part of sea anemones are always painted in bright colors - from pink to scarlet.

Anemones church are a unit of marine coelenterates animals, the same as sea anemones. Sea anemones, a detachment of marine coelenterates animals class coral (Anthozoa). Anemones - solitary polyps, rarely - colonial. Anemones cylindrical body (from several mm to 1.5 m in diameter), saccular, with muscular sole, through which the animal may move slowly. At the upper end of the body has a mouth surrounded by a corona of tentacles. There are also species that lead attached, digging and swimming lifestyle. Usually brightly colored. Widespread, but most occurs in tropical and subtropical waters; Anemones - predators eat various small animals and even small fish, there are also iloyadnye form. Prey grasping tentacles armed with stinging cells, "shots" that will paralyze or kill prey, and humans can cause painful burns. Some anemones live in symbiosis with hermit crabs, and other invertebrates.

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