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Dangers of Red Sea

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At the mention of the dangers of tropical seas anyone remembers just about sharks as if the only purpose of life is to hunt for the divers in order to satisfy their irrepressible appetite, and in some places a lot of sharks, but they were not the satanic creature, which paints a imagination.

Photographers who tried to take pictures of sharks at close range, very well aware that the slightest attempt to get closer to sharks, they swam away. Indeed, dangerous individuals are rare, but when they met, they always attack. In addition, we should not forget that the sharks - predators, as the head of the food chain of the underwater world that they are extremely functional and are arranged very aggressive in the attack.

Therefore, if you swim in these waters should be excluded following risk-taking: being on the water surface does not need to be beaten by her arms and legs (Recalling wounded fish), do not swim in the harbor and the muddy water, to hunt with a harpoon gun (vibration and the blood draw and excite the sharks), dive at night in the habitats of sharks and try to offer them food. If you close a shark, do not throw their heels: turn to face her, but your behavior should remain calm.

Most fish have a frightening appearance, in fact harmless, unless they are injured and no one worried. These include moray eels (Muraenidae), which sometimes reach phenomenal size, and despite its reputation, basically timid and shy. Or barracuda with their frightening appearance and enormous teeth, and they sometimes gather in flocks of up to several hundred individuals and glide close to the divers.

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