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Gorgonian of red sea
Region: Egypt
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Gorgonian fan-shaped form large colonies, are always positioned perpendicular to the flow to small polyps were able to capture the maximum number of zooplankton. With its beautiful extensive form and bright color, they attract the attention of many swimmers. Their skeleton, with few exceptions, almost all horny and has the necessary flexibility. Usually they are attached to the outside of the reef or in the cross-caves, where water flows directly, creating a constant flow.

Big Giant gorgonian sea fan Subergorgia hicksoni can reach more than 2 m in span. It grows in places with strong currents, allowing the existence of certain types of shellfish.

Aqabaria splendens, a small branched gorgonian yellow color, contrast, prefers to settle in the calm waters.

Juncella juncea has an unusual shape, curved at the end. This filamentary gorgonian dwells at great depth and is attached to a solid substrate.

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