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Scyphozoa Jellyfish

Region: Egypt
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are among the least favorite swimmers and marine life due to "burning" the nature of some of them. In fact, this beautiful and fragile creation, have an ingenious system of obtaining food. They drift with the current or drift slowly, rhythmically cutting his umbrella and dragging his long, thin filaments, shoots armed cells (nematocyst), which, even at the slightest touch, emit a strong paralyzing poison. So they catch plankton and small fish that live near the water surface.

Amelia aurita - the most common jellyfish type in the Red Sea. It is not dangerous to people, its representatives have discoid shape and sometimes gather in large groups. Particularly striking look of Cassiopea andromeda. She swims up the tentacles and its easy to find in shallow water against the background of a sandy bottom, where it becomes more visible.

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