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Millepora dichotoma  Idrosis
Region: Egypt
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Idrosis very diversely represented in the Red Sea, especially the well known solid forms, such as fire coral, which is the most abundant species in coral reefs in some regions.

The two main types - a Millepora dichotoma, branching, brownish-yellow with white tops, and Millepora platyphylla, which forms like a wave vertical structures with whitish upper ends. Both of these species is often confused with corals, though they belong to the Hydrozoa and covered with shoots cells, causing painful burns.

Another type, which can be found in the crevices with intense wave motion - it Distichopora violacea, forming a small colony of intense violet color, too, with white tops. Perevidnye hydroids look quite different and similar to the low plants, is also very hot. The best-known species found in the Red Sea, - Lytocarpus philippinus.

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