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Region: Egypt
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Red Sea - Reef - night - single / schooling - carnivores - snorkeling / scuba diving - 5 / 50 m depth

Apogonidae. The name of the fish was due to the presence of red color in the color of many species of the family against the background of other colors - black, brown or yellow. Most species of these fish during the day hiding in burrows or burrow into the sand, and at night go out to hunt for small crustaceans and zooplankton that live near the bottom. Some of these fish are solitary, others form small groups or couples, some translucent species, gathering in numerous flocks, live at the tops of coral. The role of males in reproduction rather unusual: after fertilization, several hundreds of eggs laid by a female, he takes them into his mouth, where they are incubated until hatching.

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