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Fish Stone

Region: Egypt
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Red Sea - Bottom - single - day / night - carnivorous - snorkeling / scuba diving - 2 / 30 m depth

Fish Stone. Most species of this family are distinguished by the presence of numerous venomous spines located in the dorsal fin. This is typically sedentary fish, known for their virulence, and they are voracious predators. Some species, such as impeller-zebra (Pterois), affect not only its color, discouragement to potential enemies, but the voracity of eating during the night hunting all kinds of crustaceans and small fish.

Other species - Scorpaenopsis diabolus and Scorpaenopsis barbatus, or terrible Synanceia verrucosa - using an unusual camouflage coloring there body. They both fit well into their surroundings reef that they are virtually invisible even under the most careful examination of its surface.

These fish live mainly in the surface waters of the reefs and are very dangerous for swimmers who can step on them and get hurt on the sharp needle. Excruciating pain that arises in this case, accompanied by the formation of tumors, breathing becomes difficult, and in some cases, the wound fatal.

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