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Red Sea - Reef - day - single / schooling - herbivorous / omnivorous - snorkeling / scuba diving - 3 / 23 m depth

FISH-clown. To this family belongs to the clown fish, which received its name because of the very brightly colored and has lived exclusively in the interdependence of large sea anemones. Clown fish hide from predators among the poisonous tentacles of sea anemones, not because there harm, because of the mucus that covers their bodies. To have such protection fish cleaning her house from any residues.

FISH-clown. This is - a typical case of mutual symbiosis, when the coexistence of two organisms mutually beneficial. This fish characterized by another biological feature concerning sexual transformation from male to female.

FISH-clown. Typically, large sea anemones provide refuge entire "family of fish, consisting of a large number of large and small animals, which is supported by a rigid hierarchy. The dominant specimen of this is the largest female.

FISH-clown. As the female disappears, the largest male, changing her sex, took her place at a time when another male, slightly less than the first, quickly reaching puberty, begins to serve the adult male.

Photo fishing Red Sea

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