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Red Sea - Reef - day - single / schooling - herbivorous / omnivorous - snorkeling / scuba diving - 0 / 25 m depth

Abudefduf - representatives of the family Pomacentridae - one of the most numerous fish in the surface waters above the coral reefs. The color of different species varies from dark shades such as brown, dark gray and black, to bright contrasting combinations of orange, yellow and electric blue.

Abudefduf. The food also very diverse: some feed on plankton and others eat almost everything, ranging from algae and ending with invertebrates and zooplankton. Some species live alone and are territorial - they fearlessly defend their territory, even when faced with individuals much greater than their size.

Abudefduf. By breeding season the male prepares a suitable place on the bottom, carefully clearing it. He then performs a lively dance (with a sudden heave fins), attracting a female. If all goes well, the female lays eggs, cared for, until the emergence of fry, assumes a male.


 Photo fishing Red Sea

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