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Triggerfish Red sea
Region: Egypt
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Red Sea - Reefs - day - single - herbivorous / omnivorous - snorkeling / scuba diving - 3 / 50 m depth

Triggerfish - representatives of the family Balistidae have an unusual defense mechanism: the dorsal part of the body they are thorn, which is firmly fixed in place with another spike of smaller size. When approaching predator or at night, these fish are collected in small holes and fix himself there with his tools so that they can not be out of there.

Most triggerfish live alone and are active during the day. Strong teeth allow them to eat various foods, including shellfish, sea urchins, which the majority of fish escapes. They lay their eggs in large circular nests dug in the sand, and bravely defending them without hesitation attacking anyone who encroaches on their territory, including man

Photo fishing Red sea

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