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Scaridae fish

Fish Parrot
Region: Egypt
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Scaridae — Рыба-попугай

Red Sea - Reef - day - herbivorous - solitary / gregarious - snorkeling / scuba diving - 0 / 20 m depth

Fish Parrot got its name from the brightly colored and teeth, connecting like beak. Most species feed on a thin layer of algae covering the corals, scouring them with a characteristic sound. Pisces digested only the vegetative part of the food, and calcium substance is ground and stands in the form of very fine coral sand. This is a typical day fish, they are singly or in small flocks. At night the fish are hiding in crevices among rocky reef or coral.

 Some species may produce mucus, which they hide in the night, like a cocoon. This trick seems to be using the fish for protection from nocturnal predators such as moray eel, which can not scent the prey, covered with gelatin film. Like many others, the fish of the family Scaridae experiencing sexual transformation, turning to the age of the females in the male changing the scaly your outfit.


Photo fishing Red sea

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