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Labridae Fish
Region: Egypt
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Location: Red Sea reefs - day - single - carnivores - snorkeling / scuba diving - 0 / 50 m depth

The number of species is second only to the family Gobiidae.
Labridae. This family is very diverse, encompasses about 50 genera and numbers up to 600 species. Its members are very diverse in form, color and sizes that range from a few centimeters to 3 meters.

In many species of these fish are strong teeth, they bite of sea urchins, crustaceans and molluscs. Most Labridae brightly painted, their attire changes with age (passing the intermediate stages) and by gender. These fish also undergo sexual transformation: they reach puberty as a female, but in life can turn into males.

This is a typical day fish: in fact they were the first in the twilight"retire", lying on the bottom or hiding in crevices, and the last towake up the next morning. Floating among the stony corals, they use only the pectoral fins, using the tail only in the case of sudden flight or pursuit.

Special attention should be to blue Labridae.

Coris gaimard

This medium-sized fish which lives in sea water belongs to the family Labridae.

This fish is common in the Red Sea and the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean. It lives in shallow coral reef, cliffs and algal thickets.

Theappearance of fish in this family, in particular painting, isundergoing great changes throughout life - from young to adult.
Juveniles have an elongated body with long dorsal and anal fins. Young fishes are in very bright color: body-rich red color with fivewhite spots, bordered with black stripe along the back and sides. The tail part is a white spot on the 6th, the caudal fin is transparent. Side and anal fins, bordered in black and red stripes.

The body of an adult also fell, but more massive. Roth is equipped with big lips. Color can be easily changed by each separately, but my head is always red with blue-green stripe. Color of body dark green, but the tail is a darker shade. The very tail of bright yellow. The sides of the body is decorated with bright blue spots, whose frequency increases to the tail. The dorsal and anal fins are reddish, covered with speck on the edges. A pair of vertical fins, purple and red colors.

The maximum body length reaches 40 cm

Peacock wrasse.

Usually found near the reefs.
Depth habitats from 1 to 100 meters.
Record example: length 0,41 m.

Red sea fishing photo

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